Das Warten geht in die Verlängerung

Eine E-Mail

Diese Nachricht hat schon die Runde gemacht und wurde im Forum der Firma »Purism« heftig diskutiert. Es war so knapp, ist aber nicht zu ändern. Warte ich also noch einmal ein halbes Jahr, wir werden sehen, sprach der Blinde …

Die E-Mail mit den Erklärungen im Original:

Dear Peter Koppatz

We contacted you earlier in the year to get updated shipping information so that we could prepare to ship you your Librem 5. We wanted to provide shipping estimates to all Librem 5 backers, but because we knew of the risk of CPU supply shortages in the future due to the unprecedented electronics supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, we only sent these shipping estimates to backers based on our inventory for Librem 5 CPUs at the time.

Our assumption was that this was the only factor that might restrict our shipping. If you read our April news update, you know that this risk has turned into a reality, with lead times and prices for electronics components increasing dramatically, in particular for the Librem 5 CPU, which is also used in the automotive industry.

Unfortunately Librem 5 inventory ran out much sooner than we calculated at the time due to a number of factors including Librem 5s that failed our strict QC tests at much higher than expected rates and supply chain issues for components beyond the CPU (in particular LCDs). As a result we will not be able to ship your Librem 5 according to our previous estimate, and instead it will be one of the first Librem 5s we ship when we resume Librem 5 mass production in October, when we project we will have sufficient supply of all the components we need to resume.

We wanted you to have your Librem 5, but we made a mistake in predicting our Librem 5 inventory and that that means an additional delay for you–we are very sorry this happened. We know this is particularly disappointing considering you are someone who has backed the Librem 5 from the beginning and therefore not only have been supporting us for quite some time, you have also been following us through all the ups and downs of the Librem 5 project.

If it is any consolation, the Librem 5 you receive after we resume production in October will be even better than the one you would have received now, not only in software (which continues to improve each month), but also potentially in hardware, as this pause in production gives us an opportunity to consider modest hardware improvements as well.

We really appreciate your support for the Librem 5 and again, we are sorry that your Librem 5 is delayed.


Purism, SPC