Project Pangaea;Sience Fiction






Kirill Dulkin Art



  • Project planning

  • Idea generation and references gathering

  • Concept Art & Design

  • 2D Storyboard and later a 3D Layout

  • Modeling, placing and texturing the main character and its accessories, police drones, police robots, city etc. (For buildings and the small city cars I used kit parts as a baseline, which I remodeled and textured).

  • Rigging and setting drivers: complex rig for the police robot and the winged jetpack, simple rig for police cars and the main character.

  • Animating: bottom-up, »« om single objects to interaction between objects, to camera movement. (in some scenes I used Mixamo to animate the main character).

  • Cloth simulation

  • Particles: glass, city cars, some of the police drones scenes, some parts of the city.

  • Lighting

  • Rendering: Cycles as the main render engine, EEVEE as a complementary engine. Because I was limited in my render resources, I tried to render small corrections and details in EEVEE to save time. Also, I split scene rendering to different elements (for example background and foreground) as much as I could, to lower the time needed for potential correction renders.

  • Compositing: „Rebuilding“ the scenes in AE with the rendered elements and passes.

  • 2D VFX in AE

  • 2D Lighting Correction and Light emphasize

  • Establishing the color themes and Colour Correction

  • Editing

  • Finalizing and Output

  • Kit parts, References (Evgenii Park, Vitaly Bulgarov, Shkumbin Ferizi)

Produktionsaufwand (Skywatch)

Auf einer Folie zum Blenderday 2021 wurden folgende Daten für die Produktion gezeigt:

  • 202 VFX Shots

  • 60 Künstler weltweit verteilt

  • 4 VFX Hersteller

  • Geldbedarf: rund 35000 Dollar

  • 4 Jahre der Nachbereitung, zweieinhalb Jahre der Endbearbeitung

  • Haupwerkzeuge: Blender, Nuke